Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Headbands

Here are three new headbands I just made this weekend! I hope everyone found something fun to do over this weekend. We took our kids to see the Fresh Beat Band on Friday, and it was amazing! They know how to put on a kids show. Now back to making some beautiful things!

Rolled flower headband in light pink and white 
Price : $12.00

Rolled flower headband in hot pink and black with a black feather 
Price : $12.00

A red and dark blue bow with a red glitter center, on top of a dark blue grosgrain ribbon covered headband 
Price : $8.00

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Bows

Here are some pictures of some of the other bows that I have made. I apologize for the background being slightly different in some pictures. I have been practicing with my camera and the light box, and I hope they will improve! All of the edges are heat sealed to prevent fraying on all of the following bows. Also, all of the baby bows will come in a pair. The same goes for the Five Petal Flower bows on bobby pins. I am in the process of coming up with names to go with all of the bows I've posted. I will also be posting prices soon! Thanks for swinging by! ~

Baby Bows!
These mini bows are all made with grosgrain ribbon on lined double prong alligator clips
These will all sell for $5.00 for two (2).

School Spirit!
Here's a few that I made up that go with Jolee's school colors. I am thinking about doing these as a fundraiser and doing these in the colors of the area schools. If there is a certain schools colors that you would like, please let me know!
The small bow sells for $5.00, and the large bow sells for $7.00

Boutique Bows
These bows are all made with grosgrain ribbon and finished with a quality french barrette
These bows will all sell for $8.00, except for the smaller size in the zebra at the bottom. That will sell for $5.50.

These zebra bows are smaller in size and are finished with lined double prong alligator clips

Loopy Flowers
These bows are made with grosgrain ribbon. The large ones are finished with a french barrette and the small ones are made with a lined double prong alligator clip.
These bows sell for $7.00. The baby style at the bottom will sell for $5.00 for two (2).

Five Petal Flower
These are all made with grosgrain ribbon. The large ones are made with double prong alligator clips, and the small ones are put on top of bobby pins.
These sell for $6.00. The small size at the bottom sells for $5.00 for (2)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hello all! I've been busy thinking of ideas and creating lots of lovely things. My sweet husband also just got me a brand new camera that I'm still learning how to use! I am excited to use it to take beautiful pictures of my products, and am carrying it with me at all times! I've taken several pictures in the last couple of days, but I am still learning how to get the best lighting possible. Here are some samples! 

                                         Meet Some Of The Lovelies!

The first five are all on grosgrain wrapped headbands and then topped with a coordinating bow
These all sell for $8.00 each

The below headband is made with a satin lined metal headband and topped with a navy blue/ white polka dot ruffle flower.
This sells for $10.00

The next two headbands are made with satin lined metal headbands and topped with rolled fabric flowers, and possibly small feathers.
These will sell for $12.00

The next three headbands are made with grosgrain ribbon wrapped headbands and then topped with a coordinating metal zipper flower. I will also soon have white in addition to red and black.
These sell for $15.00

The following five headbands start with satin lined metal headbands. They are then topped with two singed edge flowers in the following colors, then also a twisted flower with a large, beautiful gemstone. 
This style will sell for $15.50

This headband also starts with a satin lined metal headband. It then is topped with two coordinating rolled flowers and also a large twisted flower. A beautiful gemstone is placed in the middle.
This is also $15.50

The following headband starts with a satin lined metal headband and is then topped with three singed edge flowers with rhinestone centers. These flowers can be made in the same colors as the above headbands with the same flowers.
This style will sell for $12.00

Please email me if you see anything that you like! Thank you!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Welcome to Jolee's Bowtique! I am so excited to share with everyone my ideas and share my creativity. I love to make beautiful accessories for girls of all ages! It will still be a few weeks until I begin selling items, but until then, I will share pictures and keep you up to date! I am planning on selling items on ETSY and possibly Ebay, and also possibly at locations in and around West Plains, MO. I am so excited to begin this new adventure! Let the fun begin!