Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flowers in Bloom!

I know, I know. I have been a bad blogger. Sometimes life seems to get in the way of sitting down in front of a computer for even a few minutes. Personally, if I find free time, I prefer to spend it making new things! So, here are a few of the new things I've come up with!

Large "Black Dahlia"
This is a very big and unique headband! It is made from black, faux leather material, that has a slight "leathery" texture on the top side. It is all pieced together to make one of my favorite flowers - the dahlia! The center of the flower is made of several different sizes faux pearls, and a few black rhinestones. It sits slightly to the side, on top of a black satin lined metal headband. Jolee has worn this to school, and tells me that everyone loves it!

This will sell for $21.00

Medium "Black Dahlia"
This headband is a smaller version of the above headband. Still just as beautiful though!

This headband will sell for $18.00

White Daisey Zipper Headband
This is one of Jolee's new favorites! It is a white/silver zipper made into a cutesy little flower. It sits on top of a white satin lined metal headband. I will also be making these in black, pink and purple! Zippers are all the rage right now!

This will sell for $15.00

Champagne Flower Headbands
I have not decided if I will sell these or not. I think they are absolutely precious, but I haven't shown them to many people to get their opinions on them. If you do like them, please let me know!  The colors are slightly different from the outdoor photos to the indoor ones. The outdoor photos are the best representation of the color of the flowers.

Team Bows!

I've gotta represent for my Kansas City teams! I am a born and raised Kansan, so I love to make things using the local teams that I have cheered on for many years. Here's the KU Jayhawks bow! It uses lots of different grosgrain ribbon and two different printed team ribbons. It has fun red marabou feathers poking out from beneath the KU zebra bottlecap center. It is placed on a french barrette. 
Rockchalk Jayhawk!

Both team bows will sell for $12.00

Go Chiefs!
Here is the KC Chiefs bow! It is made very similar to the KU bow, using the same number of grosgrain ribbons, along with the marabou feathers and the Chiefs bottlecap center. It is also on a french barrette.

KU Bottlecap Headband
Here is another KU piece! Cute grosgrain ribbons topped by a KU bottlecap, on top (and to the side) of a red, grosgrain ribbon wrapper headband.

This will sell for $8.00

As always, please email me if you have any questions if you see anything you like or have any questions! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!!

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