Friday, March 30, 2012

Introducing Jolee!

It was a beautiful day here in Missou
ri yesterday, so the family and I headed out to shoot some pictures. I've been wanting to get some for a while now with Jolee wearing some things, but it just didn't seem to work out till yesterday. For not doing a whole lot of anything, we stay pretty busy! 

Anyways, we drove out to a local park that has pretty bridges overlooking a creek and the sun was at a perfect spot in the sky. We HAD to take along Copper, and as a result, he makes an appearance in several pictures. Jolee is a fantastic kid to have in front of the camera (it loves her!). She's already looking forward to the next time we go out for pictures. 

This first headband is one that I have not posted pictures of previously. I will ASAP, however.

This is the zipper headband in black from the first post on the blog

She LOVES her dog :)

This next headband is another that I just came up with the other day. I will also be posting info on it along with the first one in this post.

This is the pink and white rolled flower headband, listed in a previous post

Little brother had to get in on one too!

These are pictures of the five petal flower clip in white, also previously listed

This is the brown and white rolled flower headband as listed in the first post

These are both the pink ruffle flower headband from one of my most recent posts. I seem to always get a slightly different shade of pinks in almost any picture of it, but I feel that the first picture is the closest to the actual color :)

This is a hot pink and black rolled flower headband with a fluffy black feather. The feather slightly blends into her hair, but there is another picture of it in a recent post

These last two are of the pink and white burnt flower and rosette headband. This comes in several other colors also, like black, purple and teal ( the burnt flowers change color, not the rosette)

We ran out of sunlight towards the end, and weren't able to get pictures of everything I wanted to. Darn, we'll have to go out and be girly-girls another day! As my dad would say: It's a tough job, but someones got to do it!"

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